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Rental Truck style tuning

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I came up with a style of tuning for example if you were to lease a stock truck in real life how it would be in ETS2 with a couple of twists.


To achieve this style you must enter the truck dealer and head to their premade trucks. You then pick a random truck you like and start tuning according to the following rules below! (Examples are based on a Scania S)


Rule 1:You can change the engine however only a maximum of one up or down is allowed. For example you may go from 520 to 580 but not from 520 to 650. The transmission must be kept as delivered with the specific store prebuilt model you choose.

Rule 2:You are not permitted to have anything that is like extra lights (lumen ETC), No roofbars, bullbars Note:Airhorns are permitted albeit you use the 2 roofslots for them

Rule 3: You cannot color your wheels (if you have the wheeltuning DLC)

Rule 4: You may change your rearbumper and add paint to your mirrors and inbuilt rooflights etc

Rule 5:You cannot change anything in the interior.


Rule 6:If you wish to have a matching trailer it can be given a color but not a paintscheme. You can only give it a color and if you have the krone DLC you may put on the krone tyres because they save fuel if you are using a standard trailer from the base game but nothing else Additionally you may add more fuel efficient tyres to the truck but in the case they can be recolored this is not allowed and must be kept in the default color.


Rule 7:You are not permitted to put on the 8x4 chassis within this style. (Cant rent a 8x4 irl right? Anyway that doesnt look like)



Not really a rule but you must have a exhaust 😉  https://imgur.com/VhybV34


While this all sounds pretty strict in real life a lease company wouldnt appreciate it if you put on a roofbar on their truck if you only used it for a single day.


Excuse the potatographics but i included a example of what i mean with the above

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