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Expanding amount of handled website reports


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Suggestion name: 

Expanding amount of handled website reports

Suggestion description:

I've noticed that it's taking unacceptably long for reports to be claimed and handled. I therefore suggest that either:

  1. The current responsible people get a daily quotum of website reports to handle, or if such quotum already excists, to raise it. And/or;
  2. Recruit more people to handle the great amount of website reports. And/or;
  3. A combination of the above

Any example images: 


Why it should be added: 

It's taking several days for reports to be claimed and handled. Potential perpetrators such as cheaters may roam within the community for days, ruining other member's their gaming experience. Considering that the community has grown exponentially since it's excistance, it is of great significance to grow the staff team along with it. Not doing so results in what is pretty much rather a complaint than a suggestion such as the above. I sincerely hope this suggestion will be taken in to consideration. Thank you.

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Thank you for taking your time into submitting your suggestion to us.  

I have read your suggestion but I will sadly be declining it.  


I understand your frustration that you are experiencing when it comes to your reports being handled slow.  

I do want you to understand that all of our game moderators are volunteer workers that do everything in their own spare time. We give them as much space as they need for them to handle the reports in an appropriate matter and within a reasonable time frame.  

Of course sometimes it takes a bit longer than a couple of days for us to process your reports. This is because we sometimes get overflown with reports on the website. It should be noted that we will handle with the user's reports as soon as we can and that action, if required, will be taken. I understand that the longer it takes for a report to be processed the longer the perpetrator can continue their violation spree. The reason why it sometimes takes a bit longer for all reports to be processed is because we have to review all of the submitted reports, including false reports. We do get occasional false reports which delay us in our work and that causes us to slow down in checking all the reports.

We are trying to counter users that like to submit false reports by taking appropriate action against them and this will of course continue until there are no more.


I hope this clears some stuff up for you.  

Kind regards,

Schak Bruijn

TruckersMP Community Manager


Rules | Recruitment | Support | Feedback | Meet the Team | Ban Appeal | Website Report


Schak Bruijn

Views expressed are my own and do not represent anyone else.

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