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What Vehicles Would You Like to See With The New Alternating Vehicles Feature?

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https://truck-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2_Vehicles - here is a list of the possible AI conversions, I don't think everything on this list is possible to bring into MP, but I want to hear your thoughts on what to see after the Iveco.


Driving with a convoy of Lambos would be cool, but more special/commerical vehicles like the Ducato ambulance, motorhome, or even buses would also be nice to see driving along with the normal trucks.


And of course, the garbage truck for all the noobs :troll:


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Imagine this scooter army on C-D 😂

The combine harvester! Joking. I'd actually really like to see them add this bus, and not remove it after the few weeks, even if only a patron vehicle:

I'd enjoy the appearance of a real iconic cult classic car, namely the Citroen 2CV:   https://ets2mods.lt/submissions/citron-2cv-ai-trafic-reworked_1_SZW83.jpg        

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I would like to drive Mercedes cars in game because i love them and i see that they are avaiable as IA, or also would be cool to have lamborghini and jaguar.


Despite this, seeing that the TMP is able to make avaiable AI vehicles to be drive by players (maybe something will be done regard the interior aswell, instead the scout interiors), in future i'm sure that there will be way more vehicles in game, maybe even without the weekly rotation concept, btw let's see 👍

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Easy. Alfa Romeo 159. Most beautiful sedan in real life. Would love to see it on TMP as well, haha.

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I would keep vehicles like ambulance or fire for events, police for admins because then trolls will actually go mental. But what I think they would bring in is Volkswagen transporter - Special Transport Escort Vehicle as another pilot vehicle. That's about ETS.

But if anyone wonder for ATS I would swap that skoda for escort pickup (pilots) and regular police cars for admins. Immersion would be much better i think.

Oh no. You just meet a Eror.

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uhm i liked the Box Van alot, after all it's still a transport game. but i wished you could go haul cargo in it, just like the caravan did/does. Apart from that, a rigid Truck would be Ace. 


little Add: in ATS instead of the Scout, can there be a poll to change the Scout to an American car? (Pick-up, or sedan) seems to be more realistic imho.

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Guest SpeedyThomas

It would be nice if there was an Interior designed for each car/van doesn't have to be perfect but to give it that feeling rather than using the Skoda interior.

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