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SIM1 vs Promods server

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Yes, that could be an issue, the hardware

Just now, Unnamed88008 said:

"free" - it can be understood in many ways. ProMods requires 6 DLCs and not everyone has enough money to buy all of them. Some of players also don't even know about ProMods.


Yes, I forgot about the DLC's needed for Promods, my bad.

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ProMods requires a significant better hardware caused by its size and detail. Also, it requires all DLC to be installed.

I remember trying to start ProMods years ago on my ancient notebook, which did nothing more than... well... nothing. It was simply too much of an impact on the old hardware.

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Personally I think the main reason is that anyone can play Sim servers as you don't need all map DLC's nor do you need to download promods.

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I am so glad that promods isn't available for everyone. But only for those with all DLC's, a proper pc and some IT know how.

Lately I've spend a lot of time on promods, I only got flanked hit once, because of a drunk skoda driver.
Today I've spend some time on sim1, to check something out. Within 4 minutes of heading of to my destination, I was rammed by someone head on....

If more experienced drivers would go to promods, that would be more fun.

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3 hours ago, SOPRONI said:

Anyway, I like to try the Sim1 server too, do I need a seperate profile for that or can I switch there and back to Promods server?


You can just switch back and forward between the servers with 1 profile. But it will take longer for your profile to load because the game has to add or remove parts of the map.


What I do is have 2 profiles. One for normal sim and one for ProMods. That way I can quickly switch between the servers.


9 hours ago, SOPRONI said:


I'm really curious why Sim1 has more drivers then Promods server. The promods map is much larger and has more detail, plus it is free.


To be honest I actually really like the ProMods-map but I almost never drive on it. Why you might ask. It's actually pretty simple. I like to drive in areas where there is other drivers, and it's just easier to find other driver on Sim1. Not that there aren't any on ProMods. But because the map is so big you almost always have to go near Kirkenes to meet other drivers, and I don't like driving on Kirkenes Quarry Road.

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Maybe promods is free, but all the DLC's you need to use it are not. It's not only about the regular players that simply don't want to buy or can't afford DLC's. Some of them are just trolls that won't buy any because they will simply loose them if will ever get permanently banned.

Oh no. You just meet a Eror.

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7 minutes ago, Angelforgamers said:

Because its reducing the players from sim 1 


Or, Sim 1 is reducing the players from proMods server. I just tried Sim1 this morning, I can't believe how basic and small that map is. 

I'm sure there are many drivers who are not even aware that ProMods excist or who dont know how to install it. I hope they will soon switch over to the Promods server. Untill March last year Promods worked on my 8 years old Dell laptop without graphic card, so it cant be that demanding on hardware.

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There's a lot of players on Simulator 1 that can't understand English, and therefore they aren't able to download ProMods for their computer.

Personally I think that ProMods is much more detailed compared to SImulator 1, but I do think it's great that you're able to make several choices for what you want to do.


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