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Alternating vehicles - announcing new feature

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Hey everyone,   Today we are starting with a new concept in TruckersMP. We want to bring more diversity by adding new ways of playing TruckersMP. Of course, our main focus will remain o

UPDATE March 2nd 2021: In previous revisions, we haven't mentioned the Patreon tier eligible for an additional car. To remove this confusion, we have updated the article and highlighted the availabili

This is my feedback as a staff; It is always great to see the great changes, improvements and the new features such as new vehicles which is already implemented and will be used after polls as Smoky a

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Your braco is the worst vehicle in ETS i've ever seen. Interier from Skoda, static image on the central mirror and you can't see anything in the side mirrors so you can't change your lane safely. I'll sell it in several minutes of driving.

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Thanks Smoky, looking forward to new updates 💓

                                                                                 spacer.png    -Bruijn Logistics Driver-    spacer.png    




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7 minutes ago, FernandoCR [ESP] said:


Is there a new car coming out again?

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^^^It's what this topic is about. New vehicles will be added regularly, we have currently the 2 vans (one for Master Trucker patrons, the Braco for everyone). Every 2 weeks these vehicles are replaced by new ones. The poll to choose what will be the new vehicle for everyone is here: 

The poll for the new Master Trucker patrons exclusive car is being carried in Discord (also in a exclusive patrons-only channel).


So next Monday, March 22nd, the current vans should be replaced automatically by the new vehicles. People who had any of the vans, will just see them change into the new ones, no need to buy them again. According to the current results, it would be like VW Transporter -> Mini Cooper (patrons only) and Braco van -> VW Passat station wagon.


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