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4 hours ago, EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy said:

Hola @ [TRL] Yeferson [16],


¡Nos complace anunciar que su publicación ha sido aprobada! ¡buena suerte! 

Tenga en cuenta que, si su tema está inactivo durante más de 1 mes, desafortunadamente, tendremos que moverlo al archivo.


// El tema ha sido aprobado


Yeferson Whunkley 😼🚛

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Hello @Yeferson_Whunkley [COL],


Since your topic has been inactive for a specific period of time, I am going to move it to the Archive to keep the forums organised.

If you wish to get your topic restored in the future, feel free to contact the Media Team.


//Topic has been moved to Archive due to inactivity


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