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6 hours ago, 5pearmint said:

100% the Magnum, literally looks like a LEGO brick... 

I have to agree here, I also strongly dislike the Iveco!


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I dislike all trucks that do not have an integrated GPS in their dashboard, simply because it interferes with the way I like driving - adding a second nav in the windshield’s corner, setting both truck navs to overhead view and have the game’s own route advisor on regular view.


Also Ivecos. Not engine power is the problem, they just somehow suck and manage to look cheaper than a Renault, which is an incredible achievement.


Volvos too, especially the new Volvo. The new Volvo has a hideous interior, but the main problem are the drivers, who think that Volvos are idiotproof simply because it’s difficult to flip them over and then proceed to do something absurdly stupid.

Or that one time in which I was driving my 510hp DAF, and then this 8x4 Volvo with 200 billion lights and twice as many horns overtakes me, while the kid screams at the top of his lungs how superior he is and how I am a poor idiot.


That’s why I started hating the Volvo, simply cause when I see one, I just know my cargo or my truck will end up damaged.



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well, in ETS2 that would be the Renault Magnum, i find it a horrible thing to look at. Looks like an Aquarium/fishtank on wheels 🤮. Me and my mates occasionally do a challenge in TMP last year it was to drive the least favorite truck in the ETS2 game. i choose the Magnum, one load i did, and changed back to my Volvo FH.


In ATS (as i play that more now a days) you probably won't see me driving a International Lonestar, the reason is the ugly grill, If it wasn't that big i might have concidered to drive it more often.  

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