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what brand of truck do you recommend to other players?

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what brand of truck do you recommend to other players? Also why you think its good?

I would recommend Scania to my friends, because it has a lot of modified parts, which can be changed very cool, and it has 730 engines, and it is still very good when it pulls goods

Definitely recommend the Scania and volvo. It’s soo powerful I find. 

Scania has got to be my personal favourite, I think that it looks the best on the exterior, The v8 interior also looks too good and has a good range of customisation for it without having to buy dlc.


On the other hand with the dlc for the Volvo the trucks look really cool and if im not using the Scania im using that.  

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All trucks have their aspects that make the driver feel comfortable, Ah, I like the type of truck Mercedez-Benz, Scania, Volvo, Renault ... In a few words I like all trucks haha, But what if I suggest not much that is by brand or design, It is the Volvo Classic, It has very good performance🚛😉

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Yeferson Whunkley 😼🚛

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Hello there@veetin


In my poor opinion, Volvo, for its strength and easy mobility. Will never let you downhill ;)



                                                                                                                                                     Be positive that everything will be fine, even in the worst moments!


                                                                                                                                       mud.png    1531540532_role_5Patron(4).png.063edcf85




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Hey @veetin,

I have faced this myself and I genuinely didn't know what truck I wanted to drive for a fairly long period of time. Here is what I recommend.


1)  I strongly recommend trial and error. There are some really great trucks out there and you just have to look for them. Of course it depends what your looking for but I'd recommend narrowing it down to a few brands of truck that you feel like you'd want to drive. Then have a look through the customizations and decide on a truck. Drive it around and do a few jobs. If you don't like it try a different one.


2) Tuning packs are a great way to change up your truck and especially when on sale their cheap as well! These can help improve the looks of your trucks and may improve your enjoyment and customization ability for the trucks.


3) Take a break and drive on ATS Instead. Often people forget about ATS however its really nice to take a break on, you can drive around in some of SCS's latest trucks including the freightliner and western star models whilst also having a somewhat simillar however completely different experience to what you would get on ETS2 


If your asking me personally at the moment my favourite trucks are as follows
ETS2: Scania Streamline

ATS: Freightliner Cascadia


I really hope this helps you or anyone else reading this to be better able to find a truck that's for them. 

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Konuyla ilgisiz ama bir sorum olacak 

ban yedim ve dün süresi doldu sitede de ban yok fakat uygulamada ban var yazıyor çözümü nedir?


Unrelated but I have a question I got a ban and it expired yesterday. There is no ban on the site, but there is a ban in the application. What is the solution?



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I Prefer Volvo. Because I Can Call It A Very Powerful Tow Truck With Its Volvo 750 Horsepower Engine.

King Regards,
Scanva Diesel A/S

                                                                                             Kind Regards,
                                                                                             Scanva Diesel A/S

                                                                                             TruckersMP Driver


                                                                              “A great future doesn’t require a great past.”

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