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Hey there,


First of all Welcome to our Forums.
Which Problems do you have with Promods for TruckersMP?

I don't know if you already checked this Help Section via our Website.
I will just quote it below & please follow each Steps what is shown there

so everything will work.




Hope it will fix your Problem and you are able to join the Promods Server! ;)

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You'll have to copy/move ProMods files into <HomeDir>/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder. <HomeDir> is game's home directory. If the -homedir parameter isn't set, the home dir is your Documents folder, otherwise it will be located in the path on the right from the parameter. For instance: If the target has "-homedir F:\HomeDir\" at the end, then the homedir will be located in F:\HomeDir\ directory. Check the shortcut target path of TruckersMP launcher for -homedir parameter, since all parameters given to the launcher will be passed into the game you launch from it. Also, make sure that you have definition file, which doesn't have Special Transport support, since taking loads from the DLC will get you automatically kicked from the server.

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