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Why is everyone going to Kirkenes???

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Why is everyone going to Kirkenes? It's simple. Dangerous road is near the town which was the most attractive to make a C-D road in ProMods Edition. Some players found out this road which caused that more and more players were going there so Kirkenes Quarry road became the C-D road in ProMods edition, but even more dangerous.

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Because Kirkenes is very crowded place. many peoples like crowded place

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Same reason C-D road. People go there because people are there. It's kind of an endless loop of people going there and more people going there because people are going there.... You see? xD

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As everyone said It's fun to be there, but also:

  • It's challenging a road
  • really nice views
  • when being there some people can be a bit more competitive
  • this place is just full of people and much less trolls that only want to ruin your game, so you have better driving experience (mainly because if perm banned need to buy all DLCs again)
  • You can be satisfied if you get there at all or prise and shine if you get there with no damage taken
  • Relatively LOTS of promods Easter eggs in locally

Long story short. How not to love this place :)

Oh no. You just meet a Eror.

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It's so popular because it's a difficult road due the small space for the vehicles coming/going in the opposite directions, plus very tight turns, off road bouncing etc..., and it's populated,


As you can imagine this is a perfect combo for some mess, it's the little brother of Calais-Duisburg 🤣

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