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TruckersMP Launcher don't find the files promods



Hi, i just installed promods today, and i already play this morning in multiplayer with the promod , but now, when i try to connect on the promod server, there is a message "You are using an invalid client. You should redownload the mod through the launcher."

i check on the forum to see if someone got the problem, i find one topic, already solved, who someone was saying that it was a trcukersmp's general problem.

But now, there is people playing on the promods server, and when i go in my "mods" in the truckersmp launcher, nothing appear, but in solo, the promod is in 

i don't know if it was clear.....

there is pictures of the problem: 


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Hello there @tinou18

First of all, you do not need to activate ProMods trough the Mod Manager like you would when playing in Single Player. 
That's why "nothing appears" as you have shown on your screenshot.

ProMods will be automatically detected when joining a server dedicated for it. Hence why nothing appears in the Mod Manager.

Regarding your issue: "You are using an invalid client. You should redownload the mod through the launcher."
In most cases this problem could be solved by regenerating the ProMods Def file. 

Simply go to https://promods.net/ and redownload the Def file. Afterwards replace it with your old one. 
Also, it would be helpful if you could provide a screenshot of your actual mod folder. 

That being said, I hope I could help you. 
Kind regards,

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Hello there, :)

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