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Sign placed in wrong place?



Hello truckers!

I am sure that most of you have went on Calais-Duisburg route at least once. Well, there is a highway intersection near Brussel (or Rotterdam but further) which intersects with C-D road. The roads signs there might seem strange to a lot of people but I have another question: https://imgur.com/z8EMhxi

There is a sign which warns drivers that ahead there are traffic lights, you can find this by doing a fast search on the internet(Traffic Light Ahead Sign). However, there are no traffic lights but only conventional road signs(Yeld, Priority Road Sign and others).
If we go in the same location in single-player, the road sign isn't there any longer: https://imgur.com/mDnaaO8

My question is: This indicates that in future there may be implemented traffic lights? Is this only a map editing error? Would it be a good idea to implement traffic lights there?

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That area is edited by Truckers MP, including that road sign, some stone walls, fences, guard rails and those billboards on the overpass. Nothing of that will appear in singleplayer, because it's part of the mod.

They have probably intended to add traffic lights as well, but changed their mind since they would be ignored by just about everyone, and forgot to remove the sign.


I would make it a toll road and add toll gates at both ends and at the two exits in between.

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I think it might mean that traffic lights will be added in that intersection but could be a map editing error too, because I don't think that intersection is a very good place to make traffic stop, as the players that are in the main highway and want to exit could encounter a long queue of players waiting for the lights to change and this could cause more accidents.

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Dear @Mircea541real,


Has your question been answered with the above-given information? :)

The confirmation of the status of your topic helps us to keep this forum organized.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.



Kind regards,

Polyxena [GER]

TruckersMP Support

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