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Favorite truck Tuning Pack


Favorite truck Tuning Pack   

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  1. 1. What is your favorite truck Tuning Pack?

    • Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
    • Actros Tuning Pack
    • XF Tuning Pack
    • FH Tuning Pack

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Guest Pickl3z
On 2/15/2021 at 10:42 PM, Lucas_17b said:

What is your favorite truck Tuning Pack?


1. Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack

2. Actros Tuning Pack

3. XF Tuning Pack

4. FH Tuning Pack


My fav truck Tuning Pack is the FH Tuning Pack. 

My favorite tuning pack for ETS2 so far would have to be either Actros or the DAF pack as they look very cool on the trucks, also either more epic when you see other users on the server that use the same pack too.

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From my own personal opinion I think FH Tuning pack then Scania. Nothing wrong with Mercedes or DAF but I just think the other 2 packs look nicer 

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Even though I swap my truck pretty often, I have to say I prefer the Volvo tuning pack the most. What puts it ahead of the Scania one for me is the ability to have a coloured ram bar which I thought would be a standard addition to the base game, especially with the newer Scania. 

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