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What is your pet peeve?

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People insulting others even if it was their fault.

They mostly do it if:

  • Someone Drives a Scout Car (even if properly)
  • Someone Drives below 110 kph, It's sad that most of players don't know the purpose of Trucking games.
  • Someone Has bad internet. Is it their fault they had slow internet? No. It's the fault of the Internet provider and the place they live. So what? They have to move from Asia to Europe which costs a lot? What if they don't even have enough money to change their Internet provider or they live where Internet for a hour is a miracle? Yes some situations can happen that can make a normal player raged.
  • They fail to overtake a player in front of them and they throw their anger out at the player they wanted to overtake (but it depends on situation.

I wonder how they act if they get banned.

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1 hour ago, Unnamed88008 said:

I wonder how they act if they get banned.

They create their first and only post in the forums to complain about the unfair ban they've received and ask to lift the ban because they like TruckersMP so much and can't live without it.

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My biggest pet peeve is when someone is purposely blocking, I hate that the most

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