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February 2021 TruckersMP rules update

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Hello everyone, The latest rules update has been published and with this blog post we would like to explain why we have made such changes, as well as giving an insight on further changes in terms of

Hello @B&Č Transport atjov001  After reading your comment I feel the need to address my view on some of the things you have said. I understand how with certain aspects of these rules changes

It is not intended like that and apologies if it does to some come across that way.   "It is not allowed to report the same user again if your report against them was declined. The complaint

Thank you for the update! 

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1 hour ago, marco6158 said:

We have improved wording to let players and staff members have a better understanding of the rules

The new §1.4 as written would indicate that if you've ever had a report against a user be declined you can't report them again, even for a new offence. Is that correct and intended?

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Frankly a disapointment to see TMP going backwards instead of forwards:

Abolition of report reason "ban evading" - As a TMP player since 2017 I see this as a mistake, that will take TMP back in the overall progress it has made so far. Throughout the years I play, there has been so many times, TMP staff simply did not recognize ban evaders and we, the players had take charge of the situation and use report system in order to get them out of the game. I worry, that there were made no internal changes, that you just changed the rules to have less work with reports which is a disgrace to the community, who trust you, that you are doing your best work possible.

§2.9 "In accordance with our Terms of Service staff are allowed to re-use evidence sent in our reports."
Well this might be helpful to someone, but I find it very harmful since there will always be a small percentage of bans issued incorrectly and small portion of them doesnt even get corrected in the feedback system either, this was not just my case months ago... this further undermines the trust to report system and now they can "according to rules" use yours evidence (wrongly) agains you (even if that evident doest meet basic evidence stardards like perpetrator nickname..., as in my case) which just leads into unpleasant experience, when nobody is willing to hear your objections, even worse they can now do it legally according to the rules. Dont even try to argue, that this unfair treatment happened to just to me, and I am the only one who ever experienced it.

I really look forward to seeing great updates like VTC system, Event page, CD area improvements (added roadsigns)...

Kind regards

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Perfect, Thank you for the information ❤️ Glad to see that you are tightening the rules a little! 

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Kind Regards,
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