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HaulingHope Charity Livestream?

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Pretty new to TruckersMP. Just going about my vaccine deliveries online as an excuse to check things out. But it has me wondering: Has there been a HaulingHope charity livestream or anything of the sort?

I don't know any big-time ETS2/ATS streamers at the minute, but having a quick look around, I don't see many VoDs etc mention the event at all. Other streamers tend to do charity streams every now and then, so I thought maybe the HaulingHope event would be the perfect catalyst to maybe band together and help a family hit by covid, or charity negatively impacted--like a local food bank or even for maybe car repairs for an essential delivery volunteer.

Does anyone know if a charity drive has happened within the community? Even if not for this event, maybe the Big Sur one or other such "relief" events?

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