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What type of style trucks do you like?

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I'm a very particular person. As someone who has grown up around the industry, the good old days will always have a place in my heart. In particular I am a fan of the Fodens and in particular the ERF

What style of trucks do you like? I personally like clean trucks and oldskool style trucks.

it depents, i actually really like it when the Truck and the Trailer do match up, from there on i dont care if its based on a company or something else ^^ i just like when it matches

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Hey there!


I love modern trucks, and Hungarian Style aswell! 😉


Sometimes Turkish style with some save editting 😉



Thank you for creating this topic


Best Regards, 



If you need any help regarding over PC issues or problems with game, do not hesitate to contact me via Discord 

My dream is see TMP as great community! 


Languages: 🇬🇧 🇨🇿 I 🇸🇰 I Discord: RedWolf [CZ]#0886 

Role: Veteran Driver II 

Player of TruckersMP Community

#New Driver of  GökBörü VTC




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