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Hot topic #34: Duisburg No Collision Zone

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In my opinion it does not work. Its a simulation server so why make a city NCZ, you might aswell make it arcade.. theres no simulation about it. I understand WHY you guys have done it howeve

Hello everyone!   We received many complaints and suggestions regarding the Duisburg area.   As you might have seen already, we made Duisburg city no-collision.  You can drive

Why do you need to do this action? because of people who doesn't know traffic rules. I personaly think that more  active moderators would scare of some of the trolls and not competent driver

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On 1/30/2021 at 6:35 PM, MrSirViking said:


See the issue here is that Duisburg never really was simulation. The idea of simulation is to have it as close to real life as possible. And Duisburg never was that. I bet you that real life Duisburg have never had this kind of traffic. And they never had people just overtaking and ramming people in the city. Or people running red lights. Not this amount anyway. Duisburg was never simulation, it was just craziness. And now hopefully a lot of the reports coming from Duisburg will be a lot less. And make life a little bit easier on the moderators. Cause you will know this. We simply cant watch Duisburg 24/7 so we cant keep it clear and good for people to drive in. So we have to do something about it. And this seems like a good solution. At least for now.

I agree with you on this one as TruckersMP try to make the server close to real life simulator as possibleto they can, I know people dont agree with them but give them some credits as they do all this work for free for you to play on their server.   

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Here's an example why this "No collision zone" is bad idea. I made a report for this guy, which was declined, because I guess it's normal thing. I guess it'll be fun to try it personaly - go to the max. possible speed until the zone ends & ram the first truck there. VIDEO - Duisburg .You can see him at the begining on the map how he's coming fast enough thru the other trucks & I was the unlucky one, I guess. The funniest part is that I waited like a donkey 5-10 minutes to reach even the spot where he rammed me (like the other trucks behind/in-front of me), but this guy didn't think the same. This NCZ is only in benefit to the trolls, not to the people who follow the rules. And I loved how he  horn-spam me like I did something wrong, haha.
Honestly i'm disgusted from this NCZ and I'll probably even more rarely visit Duisburg now. I'm pretty much driving in the other DLC's, but once a week or two ..I make 1 course near Duisburg or Calais, but mostly I avoid this area ,especially when it's full server. This video is pure example why It's bad idea.. I don't really care about this guy getting "green light" to do this kind of stuff.

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On 1/30/2021 at 1:13 PM, [NT-CRC] jorensanbar said:

This would completely eliminate the simulation. And it is a feature that TruckersMP looks for: https://truckersmp.com/blog/194


Therefore, it would be a complete contradiction for TruckersMP.


You turning the simulation server into an Arcade server.


If a zone is conflictive, then the user should not approach. But if he does, it is because he consciously wants to take damage, and problems with other users. This It is a personal decision.

If you change the simulation experience in this way, then you are going to move the problem to where the NCZ ends.

What needs to be changed is the way users are accepted. A troll can buy a Steam account for $ 2 USD, and just by leaving the game open for 2 hours, he can already enter the servers.

Exactly, now that Duisburg is a NCZ, the traffic jam has moved to the gas station, like you said.

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On 1/31/2021 at 6:09 AM, Joao Rodrigues said:


Red light runners are a homemade problem of TruckersMP.

The wishy-washy definition of the term "immediate area" which is supposed to set the boundary of running a red light opens the gates wide to all reckless players.
I strongly suggest to forbid running red lights at all and to punish a violation by automatically kick the perpetrator from the server plus impose a 3 day ban.


But that again violates the idea of simulation, I guess.

The problem with insta-kicking people who crosses red lights shows when you are in a city with no people. Like is specified in the rules, you can pass red lights if nobody is near the area, so kicking you in that case will be ridiculous. I think that's the reason why the devs didn't made such move. Maybe if you limit the punishment to the most populated areas that idea will work?, time will tell.

PS: Sorry for my broken english, i'm not used to speak in this language.

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On 2/23/2021 at 8:17 PM, Emirhan37 said:

Good job. It reduces traffic and eliminates accidents.

Sadly it doesn't, it seems like you haven't taken a look at the no collision-collision zone border in the outskirts of Duisburg, as this is one of the focal areas where accidents happen on mass. Players wreck themselves when driving beyond this "border" as they drive through it at the same time. 

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As we have seen already, the NCZ seems to be more a temporary solution than permanent.

We are now suffering from side effects of NCZ, which is added in Duisburg. But I think, the most important thing is the truth that our TMP team is trying to make Duisburg much better place.


Additionally, I would like to share/suggest my idea to improve the Duisburg situation.

I think it would be good if we utilize the combination of our existing “server auto kick” and “in-game report” system. Here are the details for this new system :


1) A player could be reported up to 20 times from the players near him/her by this new system, if he/she breaks the rules in Duisburg area.

The count will begin with the sign, “You have entered the city”, and it will be maintained while a player stays in Duisburg. Once a player leaves Duisburg, the count will be reset to 0. A player can report the same player only one time for the count, and this special count will be applied only in Duisburg area.

2) If, someone reaches the full count 20, he/she will be kicked automatically by the server.

3) The maximum count presented above is just an example. It should be set to prevent misuse or abuse of any sort. And of course, I believe our TMP team knows the best number for it.

4) This system should be utilized in limited areas/situations, and it needs to be used secondarily, because we already have superb admins(moderators) and we should also respect their work. And needless to say, we have to consider its misuse and/or abuse.

5) New rules need to be added to support this system.  

6) By using this new system, I expect the players in Duisburg to solve their problems by themselves during admins’(moderators’) absence. In conclusion, trolls will be kicked from the server promptly, and it will improve the Duisburg situation.


This is just my personal idea what I’ve wanted to share, and I don’t think it would be a perfect solution.

I have no doubt that there are much better solutions to solve this problem. 😉

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Personally I think NCZ should be removed all together, 


NCZ takes away the realism of the simulation. 

I understand that this makes much more reports for game moderators to handle however is this game a simulation or an arcade? I mean you have arcade servers for this reason. If people can’t drive I believe that’s on them, I think instead of having a NCZ in highly populated areas player AFK limit should be reduced to about 25 seconds in which it kicks the player for being stuck, yes this system would kick players that are patiently waiting, however I feel it would enforce players to do the IRL driving rule of 1x1 maybe get away with 2x2 

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