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Whats your favorite location on Promods ETS2/ATS?

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Kirkenes , Easter Egg maps  Promods

Scandinavia maps.

Arizona maps.

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I have alot of hotspots in ProMods!

I have once said, and I say again: Iceland is one of the best places in ProMods.

Other than Iceland, I would say Middle East.


I say this because they are two complete different worlds. You compare both to Europe: One is full of ice, the other is sand. It's another experience. A worthy one.



Signed by Kimba, the Portuguese Guy.




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Personally, my favourite place in Promods would probably be Fishguard, UK. There's so many tight, challenging roads that make driving there really enjoyable.

As others have also said, the level of detail and realism of Promods in general is amazing, particularly compared to the base game UK (which hasn't yet received a significant update, unlike some European cities such as Calais in 1.39).

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My favorite place is the observation deck in the northwest of Kirkenes. The scenery is great! Of course, there is also Iceland, which is all snow!:D

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My favorite place is iceland

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