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Kirkenes abbreviation

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5 hours ago, Ginger1001 said:

Is it allowed to block the Kirkenes shortcut because it is not a street but a sidewalk.



If I understand you correctly, you are not asking whether you can block the road or not.


As far as I know, some players tended to use this "hidden path" as a shortcut to get around the entrance of the Kirkenes road. They tend to use that when the entrance is blocked by some selfish drivers. In fact, if they took this shortcut, they can save some journey time and "overtake" the traffic. So you are asking whether TruckersMP can do something to prevent people using this shortcut, right?


If so, I suggest you to post a suggestion here.

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İf u dont blocked road, u can make this :)

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It's handy for triples and without it, the road would be filled with people who don't know how to drive :) 

I always use it to get onto the road as to let drivers use the *main* entrance as a way to get out of the quarry.



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Hey there! 

Due to the inactivity of the post (14+ days) I must archive this post. I am archiving this post as this could be helpful for our users in the future, seeing as our Game Moderators have given some useful advice for you and many others that could potentially cross over this topic. Thank you for using our forums and I encourage you to make another topic in the future! 


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