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How’s your feeling about the examination?

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Hello there,

since that I have a very very very important examination in April to May, I need to quit game for 4 months

In HongKong, in the end of the secondary school, there will have a examination for you to enter the university

so I need to be hardworking to prepare for it

Therefore, I will come back MP in May, I will miss you all

but I want to ask what’s your feeling about the examination?


Kind regards,


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Hello @Edmond.,


I'm moving your topic to the Archive section because of your topic inactive for 2 weeks(14 days). Because every day lots of new topics are creating and now the community wants to discuss a new discussion. We apply these procedures to keep the forum organized and active in this way.


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me.


//Locked & Moved to Archive

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