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What would you like to see ?

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When Wyoming comes out there is suposedly going to be an all new lighting system, maybe that will help. The main problem ive seen as far as textuers go seems to be on bright colored trucks seem to be spoted in sunlight, alomost as if over saturated. 

I would like to see additional chassis configurations. Ever sence the introdution of lowboy trailers i've wished for truck chassis with tag axles. 

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I think adding new trucks makes the game much more visionary for future players. The more fun content the more players the community will have.

Amí really loves the vehicles that the game contains, it has a great variety, and with the new DLC that they present of the Tunning, it makes that you can design your truck to your taste and criterion. 

What would make it much more fun and interesting would be to add old or rigid trucks that are still in use today. That is to say:

- Scania Rigid
- Scania RS&R4
- Scania R500
- Volvo FH2012
- Volvo FH MK
- Scania S New Gen 
- Scania 14 3M
- Renault Major
- Kamaz 54 115 
- Scania 114L 460 
- Magirus Deutz D19
- Magirus- Deutz


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Well, this topic was created in ATS Discussion, but others are saying mostly about ETS2 and trucks, so I will tell what I would like to see in both ATS and ETS2. Not only trucks but whole list.


American Truck Simulator (My list is very small because I play ETS2 more than ATS. The rest is included in the list of additions I would like to see in both ETS2 and ATS)

  •   New trucks (I don't know so much about American trucks so idk which ones)


Euro Truck Simulator 2:

  •   Rework of some areas (especially UK, Going East DLC, Alps, Benelux area)
  •   New roads on North
  •   New trucks (New truck models: Ford F-MAX, MB Actros MP5, Iveco S-way)(Old truck models: MB Actros MP1, MAN TGA, old Volvo models)
  •   New Schwarzmuller trailers
  •   Tandem trucks and trailers
  •   Trailer skins for Paint job DLCs


Both ATS and ETS2:

  •   Rework of truck sounds
  •   More ownable trailers
  •   New trailer models (licensed or not licensed)
  •   More sounds on the map (e.g animal sounds in forests)
  •   More easter eggs
  •   Game Difficulty levels
  •   Driving course

I haven't included additions that were confirmed by SCS Software (like official multiplayer).


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1. Freightliner FLB with 18 speed the Cummins M11 500 10.8L 1,500 lb-ft at 1,200 rpm, has the best open pipe sound, the jakebrake sounds awesome also, drive it the most due to the sound alone!

2. Mack R with 13 or 18 speed 315 HP Mack EFAZ 673A 11E only 315 HP & 1,050 lb-ft of torque at 1,450 RPM, you have to rev it 1,450 -2,000 for it to pull best, better be in the right gear on a hill or climbing on ramp if it is a heavy load with manual shifting!

3. Kenworth K100E any Cummins with the 8x4 chassis for heavy loads.

4. Kenworth W900B with Cummins or Detroit with the 8x4 steerable chassis for the heaviest loads.

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More Mack Models

More Peterbuilt models

Just more Pre emissions models added in general, I know they don't want to piss people off with big black clouds and straight pipes but it would be nice.

Also, just a thought, if they had added an actual shifter in the tractor? And maybe even splitting gears, It is supposed to be a trucking simulator is it not? When I put an 18 speed in my Peterbuilt I wanna be able to see me move it through the gears and such. 🤠

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