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Truck Appreciation Post!

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Hello all! 


I'd thought I would bring something which I never seen on the forums so lets bring something new!


How this works? 


Well, just bare in mind this is all for fun this is no competition but I would like to see how we get on with this. Who knows this could become a thing where people can win prizes depends on the responses this gets. AAAAANNNNYWAYS lets get on. What I would like everyone to do is post your truck. Now, you don't need a perfect picture for it all I ask that the truck is clean (i.e Spammed with lights, Misplaced items etc) You just need to post your truck and tell us a bit about it. Then vote (using the reaction button) for another truck WHICH isn't your own. Your own vote will not be resulted. This will be held every Friday so this gives you pretty much from Saturday to Friday. On Friday I will be posting the results so make sure you have some good looking trucks :) 



*EDIT* VTC trucks cannot be entered unless the trucks a represented by its own and is different to the rest of the VTC trucks. (Your own taste basically) 

Get posting  

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