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2020 TruckersMP Community Awards - Results


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Congratulations to everyone! It has been awesome year for all of the community and it was hard to choose between a lot of the options especially for events and such. 

Also thank you for voting for Truckers.FM as your community station of the year 6 years in a row! ❤️ we appreciate you!

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For those interested in seeing more stats: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1esNceuKePOZCPobHCSCAmIi_UUy1xoYqXHGEriK1QHs/edit?usp=sharing

24 minutes ago, Μatt said:

Wow, I am flattered! - thanks to everyone who nominated me :mlg_doge:

Let's all remember though that everyone in the team does a spectacular job and without them, TruckersMP wouldn't process as efficiently as it does today. :love: 

Nice to see these awards hosted once again, great work @DJ ccowie and @EchoSpot 👏

Thank you for the kind words!

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I'd like to personally thank @DJ ccowie for running this years awards solo. Unfortunately I had little time for anything towards the end of 2020 so i very much appreciate the help.


Thank you to everyone that nominated in the first round, and to everyone that voted in the second round. The numbers of votes continue to amaze me year after year, so again, thank you.


Also, a massive congratulations to all the winners, runners up and no less those that were actually nominated in the first place. well done to all of you.

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