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Traffic lights in highly congested areas (like Duisburg)


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Suggestion Name: Add traffic lights to a certain road in Duisburg.

Suggestion Description: Quite self explanatory. A certain T junction needs traffic lights in my opinion for traffic to flow smoother than it currently does.

Any example images: Shouldn't be needed. Just some traffic lights.

Why should it be added?: If you have ever been to Duisburg, especially when entering whilst going past the fuel station, you all know of that first T junction which is just chaos. Currently no one gives way or waits. Everyone tries to squeeze through any gap they can find. This makes the whole place very difficult to get through with minor damage. For me, this damage is not an issue however for people doing jobs, it can be the difference from delivering the package and not delivering it.

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Hello @duck2205


We have currently eliminated the issues of that junction by making the entire city a non-collision zone, which enables players to drive through each other. We realise that this is not the optimal solution, as indicated by this community update. Our Add-On team is currently reworking the city to address the traffic flow issues that were previously present there. Considering that this junction currently does not cause issues and will be completely reworked in the future, this suggestion will be rejected. Thank you for your understanding and interest.

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