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I did 20k kilometres nonstop. Alot of stuff motivated this, so just Ask Me Anything!

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1 hour ago, Kiwitztone said:

How much damage did you take?

How many hours of driving?

MP or Single Player?


So Damage (with all the trollers, rammers, snow, etc), I got a total of:

Chassis 160.8 %

Cabin 128.7 %

Engine 84.5 %

Transmission 52.4 %

Cargo 0.0%

Wheels 65.2 %



The trip started on the 30th December at 11:15. On that day, I stopped at exactly Midnight. Taking 1:30hrs from that for all lunch/dinner/urgent related things, it gets to 11:15hrs of driving. This only got me 11k kilometres, I was in Sweden.

Next day, I had to finish it, started at 11:10. On that day I managed to deliver it at around 9 PM. Taking 1:30hrs from that for all lunch/dinner/urgent related things, it gets to 8:20hrs  of driving.

All calculated, I drove 20 thousand kilometres in 19hrs and 35 minutes.


I drove in ProMods Simulation 1 (so I was limited to 110kmh + city speed limits + everything else TMP has 😆)


6 minutes ago, Joao Rodrigues said:

Congratulations @KimbaKrom for your achievement!
This was a nice idea to farewell the year 2020.

What was your average speed during that long tour?
And where did your route take you?

My average speed was always around 110kmh. I tried to maintain this speed because I wanted to end the delivery as fast as possible before 2021. Highways would always be at the max, same for rural roads, although in those part I would travel at 100kmh.


Good question, I have no clue! I still have to make a map of where I went, so Ill post it as soon as I make it!

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5 hours ago, dragonslayingmaster1000 said:

Damn, I think my longest was about 2500 miles (about 4000 km) in ATS, went from northern Washington to southern Mexico (Viva Mexico mod). I did take lots of breaks and didn't complete it in a single day.

If you are doing it for something/someone, you will be motivated enough to keep going! That's why I tried to stop the least times possible.

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Alright people! Since I would have to take several prints of the map, I decided to put here all the cities I went through (the main ones) Here are as follows:


Bolungarvik [START]-Akureyri-Seyoisfjorour-Torshavn-Thurso-Inverness-Perth-Glasgow-Carlisle-Manchester-Birmingham-London-Folkestone-Calais.Le Mans-Nantes-La Rochelle-Bordeaux-Bilbao-Pamplona-Zaragoza-Valencia-Vinarós-Barcelona-Marseille-Nice-Genoa-Livorno-Rome-Naples-Catanzaro-Villa San Giovanni-Messina-Palermo-Cagliari-Sassari-Ajaccio-PortoVecchio-Marseille-Nice-Genoa-Milan-Verona-Venice-Trieste-Ljubljana-Maribor-Graz-Linz-Nuremberg-Frankfurt-Duisburg-Amsterdam-Hannover-Magdeburg-Berlin-Poznan-Bydgoszcz-Olsztyn-Kaliningrad-Gdansk-Karlskrona-Vaxjo-Kalmar-Linkoping-Stockholm-Kapellskar-Talinn-Narva-Saint Petersburg-Pskov-Riga-Kaunas-Bialystok-Lublin-Kovel-Lutsk-Lviv-Stryi-Debrecen-Budapest-Zagreb-Belgrade-Szeged-Debrecem-ClujNapoca-TarguMuras-Iasi-Chisinau-Galati-Mangalia-Varna-Burgas-Istanbul-Karlovo-Sofia-Pernik-Skopje-Thessaloniki-Lemesos-Larnaka-Latakia-Beirut.Irbid.Eirat-Haql [FINISH].


(information can be incomplete, since I got lost at the middle 🤣)

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16 hours ago, seth_haveron said:

Imagine Sweatlording a Simulatorgame .... 🤦‍♂️

As I said at the start, there were several reasons that motivated me to do this route, and not give up.

It was not purely to show off I did such long route, of course its a title you should be proud of, but when you do it for someone/something, nothing else matters, and you do it until the end.

I did it for the people stuck at home, that they should be motivated and that with patience all will end.

For the Doctors that with Dedication work for their countries and for their people.

And for the truckers who were stuck in Calais and other places UK-EU, and couldnt get home in time because of the Pandemic.

These are the things that, once you realize they are important, you will try to do something to make them be heard, and raise awareness.

Fortunately, your "Forum Troll behaviour" gave me the chance to tell my motivations! So thanks!

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Guest Trucker Kaι

Hello! Congratulations on this Milestone I'd presume.


Question, what was the load // cargo you used during this long journey?

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On 1/12/2021 at 2:39 AM, Trucker Kaι said:

Hello! Congratulations on this Milestone I'd presume.


Question, what was the load // cargo you used during this long journey?


The load was very light so that I didn't flip a bunch of times.

I used Containerized Trees, in my Own Trailer (which if Im not wrong its 2t?)

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