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Hot topic #33: New Event System Launch!

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Hello Truckers!

Welcome to the 33rd edition of our Hot Topic series

During the month of December, our developers have been working hard on creating a new system when it comes to requesting an event server!

We're happy to announce the TruckersMP Event System! Check it out and tell us what you think!

What kind of event are you going to be planning?

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Damn, looks good.


One what i did left missing was private events, so event maker must verify all who wants to take part of event. This feature would make sense if there is multiple VTCs and players taking part when using some different language, like only "Finnish" or event has some other special plans and all who takes part must be on Discord etc.

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Honestly really like the concept. It was really lacking in that corner and now it looks great. One problem I think is that if your company makes an event, it lets everyone join, not just the people in your company. With some of these I see this as being useful as many want to find more people for a convoy etc. Now I think simple companies are using the feature and I am not even in their company and I can join. Maybe expand and make it accessible to only VTC or to everyone. 

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