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What is your favourite music artist/genre/song?

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For me it has to be LP my goto as by my profile photo & cover photo Linkin Park is my goto music its literally my obsession :D the best rock band since the early 2000's 


When I say Linkin Park I dont mean the usual ones people think of like Numb , in the end, what I've done. The Tracks that were overused.. Personally the best to me - Papercut , Place for my head, The messenger, when they come for me, one more light & many more could name so many ..


but if I don't listen to them I love a mixture of anything really Rap,indie,rock,Grime, anything really I can go along to :)

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My favorite artists are currently:


  • Excision

But I also like to listen to


  • Said The Sky
  • MitiS
  • Seven Lions
  • Nurko


My favorite songs:


  • Wake Up by Excision, Sullivan King
  • Potions by SLANDER, Said The Sky ft. JT Roach 
  • Hearts On Fire by ILLENIUM, Dabin ft. Lights


Have a nice day!



                                                               Kind regards,


                                                                    Find me on:                       

                                                        Steam / World of Trucks / Instagram / Twitter


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On 12/29/2020 at 8:48 PM, Ali. said:

@Encrypted_ FeelsWowMan ❤️ My two favs :)) 


I love all things hardstyle sooo Headhunterz, DBSTF, Sound Rush etc 🎵


Now that is what I call music!


I love myself Rawstyle, Hardstyle and Hardcore.


At the moment my fav artists are

 Gunz for Hire,

 Radical Redemption,

and DJ Mad Dog


Truckers.FM - Your Drive, Your Music - Street Team


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My playlists are very diverse. I listen to genres like rap/hip-hop (English and German), rock, blues, jazz and pop. My 10 most listened to artists are:

  • $uicideBoy$
  • Post Malone
  • Rin (German)
  • Yung Gravy
  • Trettmann
  • NF
  • SpongeBOZZ/Sun Diego
  • Two Feet
  • bbno$
  • The Weeknd

If you want to see more music statistics of me you can check out my last.fm^^

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