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Scania R730 and Volvo FH16 750?


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I think Scania R730 ^_^

I think it's more serial than Volvo 



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Guest Zonda R

Personally, I would choose Scania r730, because I always feel that Volvo's body is unstable and it always looks like it's going to roll over when taking big turns.


Happy Christmas

Player: Zonda R

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I prefer Volvo FH16 750


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I'm not a volvo driver at all. So I can like all the trucks in Scania. :kappa:

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Streamline R730. Bought it as literally the first and cheapest red Scania you see when you go to the dealership. Now it’s a pink 8x4 (painted it pink because I lost a bet) and I even moved it over to Promods. First truck I bought, first truck in my heart. I’m from my phone in bed now, but I’ll make sure to upload a picture of my trusty Scania tomorrow!


Volvo isn’t bad too though. My recommendation: taglift all the way on that one. 

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