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[SCS Blog] ETS2: Cabin Accessories DLC Update Coming Tomorrow

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We don't want to leave drivers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 without some of the cool items and designs that U.S drivers can now have in their truck cabs with the recent release of Cabin Accessories for American Truck Simulator.


We are happy to share with you that if all goes as planned, we intend to release an update tomorrow for the Cabin Accessories DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It should become available just as we update both games to give the community access to a new seasonal event (hint hint!). All the new content for Cabin Accessories DLC will of course be free for its current owners. The update will contain equivalents of several practical and decorative items introduced to ATS, with a few designs exclusive to ETS2.


From coffee cups to air fresheners and laptops, the possibilities for cab customizations are (almost) endless! 


We are excited to see what items you'll choose to bring into your cab. Be sure to share with us your newly decorated cabs with us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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