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Holidays on TruckersMP!


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I want to leave here my gratitude for this great innovation.
The trailers are amazing.
Congratulations to all staff 🤙



                                                                                                                                                     Be positive that everything will be fine, even in the worst moments!


                                                                                                                                       mud.png    1531540532_role_5Patron(4).png.063edcf85




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7 hours ago, Μatt said:

Hello truckers and happy holidays!

As we approach the holiday season here at TruckersMP, our Add-On Team has been hard at work making modifications to celebrate the season. From today and throughout the season, you can expect to see a couple changes when playing TruckersMP.

Holiday themed map edits

When driving around in TruckersMP, you see that we have redecorated some cities for the special season. Our Add-On Team has created custom models that have been added in certain cities in-game. You can expect to see some Christmas trees, presents, and a few extra surprises!

Here is something you would see in a redecorated city:

Holiday map edits

Holiday themed cargo

Our Add-On Team has also created a custom cargo for you to haul! Similar to the World of Trucks presents trailer, we have a custom TruckersMP trailer with festive lights on.

Holiday cargo

We also have many more changes planned to celebrate the new year.
We hope you have a very enjoyable and safe holiday this year.

Happy holidays,
The TruckersMP Team


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Looks awesome cant wait for the winter mod:)

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7 hours ago, jaco15a7 said:

Do i have to download anything or install and mods, or is everything done on the server side and I just join?

Hello,you don't need to download other mods,just make sure that your TruckersMP Launcher has been updated to the lastest version then connect to the server directly.

Finally,enjoy the holiday decorations.🥰

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It looks amazing.Thank you for the update

12 hours ago, Unnamed88008 said:

^I think around 20-24 December.

The author said that the Winter Mod will be ready to release next week but we will have to wait for TMP to support.

If a tmp support the winter mod. RIP physics and logic in 1.39. Lol.

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