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[ARCHIVED] [18th December 2020] GokBoru December Convoy

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🐺🔵⚪⚫️ GokBoru December Convoy ⚫⚪🔵🐺

We will be happy to see you in our respected TruckersMP drivers in our GokBoru Public convoy.


🐺🔵⚪⚫️  Convoy Details ⚫⚪🔵🐺

 Start Time: 18:00 UTC

End Time : 20:00 UTC


 Starting Location: Budapeşte

  Destination: Katovice

 DLC: Going East

🐺🔵⚪⚫GokBoru Information ⚫⚪🔵🐺



TruckersMP VTC

🐺🔵⚪⚫Event Rules⚫⚪🔵🐺

Overtaking is prohibited.

Event Staff can block roads and/or junctions.

Event Staff are allowed to overtake on roads with a central reservation barrier only. Overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 event staff members at a time.

Event Staff can drive the incorrect way in accordance with the rule above

Convoy Control can block the junction to lead people the right way.

If you are known to cause lag, please remain at the back of the convoy.

All participants must use a trailer.

Double Trailers, Triple Trailers and Heavy Cargo Trailers are prohibited.

Free roaming in the server is not allowed.

All other TruckersMP Rules apply.


ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/88776/berk-aberdeen-hotel

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