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I'm actually pretty excited for ProMods Canada, hopefully it'll have a TMP Server like normal ProMods -- Canada has some wonderful scenery!

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3 hours ago, Simu said:

I'm absolutely hyped on playing ATS ProMods Canada. Gotta buy all map dlcs before though.

For Canada its already been confirmed that we will only need Washington and Oregon for now. 

And yes I am very interested to see what its going to look like as it does look quite good.

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Pretty small so far but hopefully it's fun to drive. Hopefully it brings some life back to ATSMP too. We know it's pretty close when they show the whole map, hopefully it comes out by the end of the year: https://blog.promods.net/2020/11/british-columbia-interior/

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Even though I live on the east coast opposite side of what is being made, I hope that they can get to me in a decent amount of time. But crossing the border is a good start ;) 



   I will miss the good times I had with everybody up on the i5. See you over grapevine. Where I was rested.   🔨



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