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Ownable Lowboy Trailer Configuration and Cargo List for ATS version 1.39


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With the ability to purchase our own lowboy trailers at last, this guide should provide help for anyone who likes to haul heavy machinery, but is baffled by an overwhelming number of options when configuring their new trailer.

This table lists all possible configuration of ownable lowboy trailers by "Chain Type" and "Chassis" only, with an emphasis on applicability of each configuration for any given cargo type available.

Any other configurable options are just cosmetic and have no effect on utilization of the trailer.






Axle configuration for double and triple trailer:

  • First number represents axle count of the jeep/dolly in the front, between the truck and the trailer. If it is zero, there is no jeep and the trailer attaches directly to the fifth wheel of the truck.
  • Second number represents axle count of the lowboy trailer itself. 
  • Third number represents axle count of the dolly/spreader at the rear. Again, zero means there is nothing behind the trailer.


Cargo Notes:

  • Cargo marked with "HC" - cargo is only available if you own "Heavy Cargo Pack" DLC
  • Cargo marked with "FM" - cargo is only available if you own "Forrest Machinery" DLC
  • Cargo from "Special Transport" DLC are not included, because they are not available for ownable trailers at all, and instead use their own set of special trailers, which are not even available in multiplayer.
  • "Wheel Loader" cargo comes in two variations - equiped either with a bucket or a grapple, but the difference is only visual, weight remains identical.
  • Cargo Mass taken from World of Trucks contracts, in-game cargo market shows rounded values.

  • Some cargo appear with different paints (e.g. Excavator, Tractor or Mix Tank), but the difference is purely cosmetic.  


Hopefully you will find it useful, should you need quick refference while looking for best lowboy trailer for your needs.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes, I will also try to update, when neccessary.


Edited by Granite
Added cargo mass, bit of reformating, including the table, added some more notes
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