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Hot topic #32: Event Madness

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Hello Truckers!

Welcome to the 32nd edition of our Hot Topic series:wow:

During the month of October, we have had several convoys organized by us, TruckersMP! For example The Real Operations V10 and Halloween convoys!

We also saw TruckersFM organize 2 convoys regarding their 5 years anniversary of TruckersFM!

What was your favourite convoy? And why?

We really look forward to your comments and opinions below!

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  • Schak Bruijn changed the title to Hot topic #32: Event Madness

Hello @Schak Bruijn,


First of all, it was a very good subject,My Favorite Favorite is Real Operations v10, Because it was a very nice community, there were many different successful people and best of all it got the chance to take pictures with all of them!, I encountered very interesting events, I saw very interesting vehicle, Everything was great, I'm sure all the players had fun and I had a lot of fun too!


Thanks for everything!, 


Mabel Matiz ヅ



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The Halloween convoy was definitely my favorite, I loved the scary things I saw along the way. 👏😍
Real Ops V10 was also amazing, but I didn't have a good experience due to ping issues in the server. 😢
I didn't have much time to participate in TFM5, I was just in the Trameri challenge, although I couldn't win, it was really cool...

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I can't decide which one was my favorite. All of them were my favorite. RO was great, I took part on it. I drove some unique vehicles.
Then, TFM5 had amazing things,stage,new challanges. I enjoyed a lot. Halloween was great,new things,new works everything was great.
And Finally, I will say all of them were equally amazing.

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Talking to you again, my name is Tony. From Turkey. We will organize a large-scale intermodal transportation activity in the new year, including the transportation of dangerous goods, including inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, first-class and second-class chemical goods. We would like to say hello to you. We also hope that our activity can pass the application and good night. November 20, 2020

6 hours ago, djmtrlltc said:

real opt was very fun, although the queue for this server was too long, but we can experience a lot of thing that can't be experienced in the normal servers.

Come on, friend. There are many things you don't see. You will find many interesting things

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