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Found 8 results

  1. I am in favor of it cause playing ETS in VR is incredible, but what do you guys think? Should TMP support the VR game version of ETS? I think about it from time to time and imo it would be nice being able to use VR on TMP. Players playing in VR would probably need a 'VR' tag or something similar to their name to inform other players cause in VR you drive differently than without it. The perception of speed is higher so most VR players would probably drive slower in VR. Atleast thats what I automatically do and notice in VR. A requirement for playing ETS in VR for sometime to be able to join in on MP VR would obviously also be a good idea if VR support got implemented but idk if you can even track the time separately like that. Well, things like that would have to be thought and discussed over if VR support ever gets added. What do you guys think and have you ever played ETS in VR? If yes how was/is it for you?
  2. NevesPT

    VR Support

    Is there any kinda of VR Support? I bought the new oculus quest 2 and would be awesome to enter the multiplayer with the vr mode...
  3. Dzień dobry/ Dobry wieczór Już od jakiegoś czasu chodziła mi po głowie myśl zagrania w ets-a na goglach VR ( budżet do wydania ok 100 Zł ) ale mam na oku gogle za ok. 30/35 Zł . Wiedząc że jestem nowy w tym temacie postanowiłem zapytać się osób na forum TRUCKERSMP i dowiedzieć się więcej na ten temat . A więc tak Chciałbym się dowiedzieć od osób posiadających VR czy wymagania mojego PC dadzą rade z goglami vr : Procesor : AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor 3,40 GHz RAM : 7,95 GB System : Windows 10 home 64 bit procesor x64 Karta Graficzna : GTX 1050 2GB
  4. Hey Guys, Can I use the oclus rift for Multiplayer? Greetings Jonas
  5. Hey I'm Interested in using my VR Headset in ETS2 Multiplayer I know that VR works in ETS2 but don't know how to use it in MP. Does anyone use it and could help me to set everything up? Greetings Morris
  6. Имеется шлем виртуальной реальности HTC Vive, который без проблем подключается в соло игре. Но в мультиплеере возникает конфликт бета версий (а именно- актуальная версия для мультиплеера, ругается на бета версию Oculus\Vive в стиме). Раньше помню был даже сервер под VR в мультике, сейчас этого нет заметил (надеюсь что это временно ). Собственно вопрос- реально ли запустить мультиплеер в шлеме виртуальной реальности с актуальной бета версией под мультик, или может есть какие- то альтернативные пути запуска не накатывая бета версию Oculus\Vive в стиме?
  7. Hi, I have question: there is any way to play in MP in VR mode? Regards
  8. HI why this project always require on newest version of game? Its sad that MP requre when VR supported version is 1.27.2.something-s I mean its almost same version.. just added VR support so why it cant be supported by you guys? Thanks
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