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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Truckers, The output of the voicechat in Ets2 isn't working. I set everything up right and my friends can hear me ingame, but the problem is, I can't hear anybody. I set up my output ingame right and everything should be working, but it isnt. greets, timmy
  2. How can i check if my microphone works properly and other players can hear me? I was using my CB to say "Hi" but i never got a reply. At least they were using CB to wish me GL while i was using my headlights. If it doesnt work how can i fix it?
  3. Hello Truckers!!! This Sounds Kinda Stupid Question But I Keep Seeing People Voice Chatting In Ets2 .... I Was Wondering How To Do It And Asked ... they Asked Me To Press The "V" Key To Activate But Tried And Did Not Work... I Have A Earpiece With A Working Microphone But Yet It Still Does Not Seem To Work For Me.. Am I Missing Out On Anything To Make It Work? Just Need A Kind Soul To Give Me A Full Guide About This Thank You !! Happy Trucking Guys!!
  4. Hello I'm alpy I went online today and saw people talking I was wondering how to talk then they told me it way the key V so i used it but since my microphone was set to my built in one from my laptop I couldn't change it I have a headset and it's the Razer Kraken 7.1 I was wondering how can i switch my mic to my Razer thanks!
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