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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone! Today I'd like to give you guys some tips to start your very first Virtual Truck Company! (according to my opinion) *versão PT/BR no fim da página! Step 1: Choosing your VTC name Choose a short and easy pronouncing name, very easy to remember. You can make a nice name with a long name's initials. (Example: American Trucking Family -> ATF) Step 2: Establishing a way to communicate with your VTC's members You need to choose a platform to talk to your members. You can create a Skype group, Raid call, Team Speak 3 or Discord profiles) Step 3: Establishing the rules Rules are extremely important inside a VTC, they will tell people how you expect people to behave in your VTC. (Example: don't overtake in convoys) Step 4: Recruiting members Once steps 1, 2 and 3 are done, you should proceed to recruitment process. You can publish a little text wile playing in MP (Attention: do NOT spam!) providing the information to your Skype group, Raid call, Team Speak 3 or Discord (Example: ATF recruiting! IP: xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx) or publish in the MP Forum's companies page PS: Prefer Discord, as our kind moderator @Penguin recommends Step 5: Establishing hierarchy (optional) If you want, you can create a hierarchy inside your VTC. Example: -Owner -Admin (Step 6) -Suport (Step 6) -Veteran -Member -In observation (new guys) Step 6: Recruiting staff (optional) (once your VTC become with a good amount off members) After your VTC has grown I recommend you to "hire"some people to help in the administration of you VTC. Exemple: Menagers, Suporters, Recruiters... It's up to you That's all folkes! Please consider checking these rules before starting your VTC. No bumping threads more than once every 3 days, or unnecessarily Verbal warning / warning point - You can only post to bump a topic once every 3 days. In addition, you are not allowed to bump topics unnecessarily, for example you are not allowed to bump your VTC topic unless the post adds content to the topic No useless posting or spamming Post hidden / verbal warning / warning point / ban - Do not post posts with little to no content or spam. Portuguese version/Versão em Português
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