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Found 3 results

  1. YART Yet Another TruckersMP Launcher by NarodGaming This is just a simple launcher that tells you a lot of helpful and important information before you go in-game. Features: - Server Statuses for ATS and ETS2 Multiplayer - Looking up of players information, including name, avatar and previous ban information. - Automatic checking of updates for TruckersMP - Information about players on the servers, including queues and current players. - Pass-through direct to official launcher for updating and running SCREENSHOTS The server status screen Player information screen, including bans DOWNLOAD LINKS Download: https://github.com/NarodGaming/narodtruckersmplauncher/releases Source: https://github.com/NarodGaming/narodtruckersmplauncher Currently Version
  2. By TheUnknownNO Are you bored of just seeing the skippable "launcher"? Do you want to get the status of the TruckersMP servers, before starting the game? Do you want a simple way to skip the intro? Do you want to have TruckersMP automaticly update itself? Then the Unofficial TruckersMPLauncher is for you! After almost half a year of "life" I have returned with my little project known as the Unofficial TruckersMPLauncher. Now, normally one would say it has returned with even more features.. But, since TruckersMP has come a long way in half a year, its acctually lost a few features. However! I've finished a major GUI redesign so now it looks really, really nice compared to how it looked half a year ago. The launcher currently packs a few features, but I am planning on adding more as soon as possible: ● Check on server status before entering the game ● Auto updating of the launcher ● Auto updating of the TruckersMP Mod ● Skip ETS2 or ATS launch intro ● Allow for command line arguments for ETS2 & ATS ● Start Steam with the launcher ● Truckers.FM Radio Player ● Edit game settings like dev console/cam, savegame type and more! ● Keep UI Packs installed! ● Simple mode! IMPORTANT: Modifications to files in UI and Fonts folders (UI Packs) are allowed but have to be done following this guide: Alternatively you can use another tool of mine, which automaticly creates the files you update with it! The TruckersMP UI Changer I know thats very few features, but bear in mind this launcher is in alpha, and i do have a range of features i want to add: ● News feed/ featured box (It is there, I dont have content for it) ● Select server before launch? ● Mod manager ● Some more stuff I simply cant remeber at this time If you have any suggestions feel free to post them! Download links: Latest Release ALPHA 0.17 You can find the source code here! The Unofficial TruckersMP Launcher is licenced under the MIT licence Screenshots:
  3. TheUnknownNO

    Unofficial ETS2MP Launcher

    Unofficial ETS2MP Launcher Made by TheUnknownKiller Are you tired of launching steam before ets2mp? (If you dont autostart steam with windows) Or do you just want a prettier server status before entering the game? Well then the unoffical ets2mp launcher is the thing for you! This Launcher is a windows program developed in C# and features a "small" range of features. ● Launch steam before ets2mp ● View server status in a pretty way before launching game There are features that are planned / i want to do! ● Auto updating of the launcher ● News feed / featured box being live ● Auto updating of the game (or some kind of mod manager, not sure) ● Edit ETS2MP settings & ETS2 settings If you have a suggestion for features, feel free to post them! Download links: Latest Release ALPHA 0.04 Older Releases: ALPHA 0.03 ALPHA 0.02 ALPHA 0.01 You can find the source code here! Screenshots: First time setup Launcher itself Settings menu Edit log: