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World Of Trucks


Found 1 result

  1. It's that time of year again where Soarfly Events put together an eggciting event (sorry for the cringe), but what do we have planned this year? Well, there are 6 Eggs which have escaped from our Dover base and have split up across the United Kingdom, disguising themselves as trucks! Each Egg has different hiding skills, so they will likely get harder and harder to find. Here's a little guide on their difficulty: Yellow Egg - (Very Easy) Green Egg - (Easy) Orange Egg - (Medium) Blue Egg - (Hard) Red Egg - (Very Hard) Purple Egg - (Insane) Soarfly Events needs your help to find them, so we're starting an Easter Egg Hunt in Dover Port and will begin our travels across the UK hunting them down. Of course, where's the fun without any prizes..? Exactly! So, the first three drivers to find all 6 Eggs will win a prize. There are some simple rules, though: All attendees must ensure they are familiar with the standard in-game rules found here. Anyone found ramming/trolling the hidden trucks will be dealt with accordingly by the in-game administrators. There will absolutely be no exceptions to racing during this event. All in-game and EU rules apply throughout the event. During the event we ask that users do not share the location of the hidden trucks, either in-game or on the forums. This can result in being kicked from the game, or having your forum post hidden. It is possible that the hidden trucks can technically be outside of the map, however we urge drivers not to attempt driving/teleporting to them. You can be kicked/banned as the in-game rule still applies. The hidden trucks are only an exception during the four hours of the event from this rule. They will be easily visible from inside the map to take a screenshot of. Once you have found all 6 Eggs, you must post your 6 selfies to our form (click). FIRST 3 TO SUBMIT THEIR SCREENSHOTS WIN! We will be live on Truckers.FM during the 4 hour event with regular updates and hints, so make sure you're tuned in! RESULTS 1ST PLACE Edinev Time: 45mins 16sec Screenshots 2ND PLACE El1teZombiezHD Time: 48mins 47sec Screenshots 3RD PLACE Pheonix_Twitch Time: 50mins 21sec Screenshots Congratulations to you three, I will contact you soon for your prizes! Also thank you to the following drivers for participating and submitting your screenshots: (In order of time) EsssKay Blood Dash Stroms730 Leff12345 PepaJahoda ThornleyJoeUk nsfigaro RodDavidGamer heyhococo Scorpion James95 DoubleO Thank you all for participating, because of your help finding the Eggs, they've now been safely returned to our Dover Base. See more images of them here.
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