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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I am not new to ETS2 Or truckersMP that much, however this is my first forum post. I wanted to see what trucks people recommend, the best ones, or ones that people use. I also know by experience to avoid calais and duisburg on highly populated areas, however, what are some other areas that possibly should be avoided when high population is present? Thanks In Advance, Looking for tips & Opinions and getting to know you all. Poetic
  2. can i use mods from workshop for more xp, no damage and momey for fast lvl to a nice truck? Are the DLC at multi? How to start? I am a newbe in this game
  3. When your on the road, there are some factors which can distract you and wanna go and ignore all the rules. Here are some tips i use when i drive! 1. Dont start speeding,use ,,cruise control,,. It makes sure your relaxed and you will forget about accelorating. set a speed which is perfect for you and sit back. 2. If possible,keep distance with the trucker front of you. It can be common that trucker front of you might glitch at some point and you end up at his rear. There is no good explicable reason, why many people drive close to eachother in high speeds(I have also personally glitched for a second or three after some time) 3. (useful tip in traffic jams) Leave turning point free for other truckers, possibly a trucker wants to turn the opposite route your heding towards. While truckers front of you are haulted, you can make sure other truckers can finish their turn. You dont allways afto stick to the rear of the truck at front of you. Also no reason to overtake in such areas, it only gets you in trouble. 4. When someone is rushing and and wants to come front of you,its best and resonable of you to let him do it. We all understand its not friendly in any way but atleast its good for your reputation on the road. How reasonable are you on the roads of Euro truck simulator 2?
  4. Yeah, the brakes from the car are not perfect but i have 2 tips for you to brake better. Tip 1: Set your braking intensity to 100% your brake faster. Tip 2: If you need to brake quickly brake with your handbrake. I hope that it helps! -Jessieboy360
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