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Found 1 result

  1. I just tested a pilot car fully on the C-D road at about midnight UK time so quiet as I didn't have the risk of doing it at peak times come on I like tinker I'm not stupid lmao...... Here is my review of the car itself I did two test's one with speed being no issue and throttling it and the other having cruise control at various speeds and seeing the pro's and con's... 1. Upon taking the car out I was very impressed with the throttle and how quick it can go especially 2 different types of engines for the car which was also nice to see... the handling was ok at first until you gathered speed... once you hit over 70MPH the car then becomes somewhat risky.... on one hand you can have a controlled speed run without any issues but if you need to alter for any reason for example a bend is a bit sharper than you adjusted for.... can lead to catastrophic problems because the steering becomes very light and the car goes all over the place which could result into collision with other online users or flipping the car and causing a hazard........ 2. I then took the car out from C-D the entire route and set the speed to 60MPH 70MPH 80MPH 90MPH and out of the 4 of them I found 70MPH to be the most stable and enjoyable rides not only can I adjust for any accidents I can also react to tighter bends than I expected and I met a fellow pilot who ran with me at stable speeds and we enjoyed it rather different from the trucks nice to blow off a little steam once and a while...... The only thing that really annoys me is the brakes.... when at speed they don't slow you down enough and can cause an accident easily it would be nice to see an improvement on the brakes...... The car itself the creator did an excellent job and I can easily understand why it took a year this project wasn't rushed at all and a lot of thought and detail went into the making of this... which I feel some users may fail to see.... however I would like to see additions to the car like adding spoilers and so forth like the trucks you can add more and modify certain aspects of the vehicle.... also where the police have lights on the front bumper how about adding orange for pilot and different roof lights and back bumper lights as well..... even adding pilot sign on the back windows which flash's would be awesome.... but that's me... I have no idea on modding nor creating these vehicles so have no clue what kind of effort would need to go into it... Finished article: Great car more modifications needed and probably limit the car to 70MPH even though it isn't realistic to do so would benefit I think and brakes improvements.....
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