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Found 5 results

  1. CucaMrsa

    Telemetry doesn't work

    Hey, can someone answer me if telemetry (https://github.com/nlhans/ets2-sdk-plugin) still works? Because I created project in VS and few month ago it's worked fine now app doesn't work. I use "ets2-telemetry.dll" and "Ets2SdkClient.dll" files. Btw I disabled some settings in Windows maybe is here problem? Thank you for answer. Edit: SOLVED i need install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012.
  2. Hi guys, I play with my OBS and create this "mod"... How are you feelings of this ? Its too much or its OK ? USABLE FOR Open Broadcaster Software Maintenance, temporary down, sorry but we are try to make this better * hosting is not enought strong for this -> migrating to VPS EDIT: 06/02/2018 I need your help ! Do you wanna help ? I want to update this custom telemetry, but don't have any ideas how to make it pretty. So ! If you want I want to cooperate with YOU ! And to that FOR YOU ! Send me PM if you want to be part of this. Used sources: ETS Telemetry api TruckersMP api tracker.ets2map api streampro How to show your online status in-game: http://api.gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/users/public/tmpPlayers.php?tmpid=YOUR_TRUCKERSMP_ID example: http://gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/users/public/tmpPlayers.php?tmpid=1890 Example => bar on the right with TMP logo: [NEW] How to show your "Pretty" TELEMETRY in-game: http://api.gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/public/obs_app.php?adress=YOUR_IP_ADDRESS example: http://gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/public/obs_app.php?adress= Example => only telemetry data: [BONUS] How to show your image in-game status (usable as signature): http://api.gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/status/stat1.php?tmpid=YOUR_TRUCKERSMP_ID&bg=IMAGE IMAGE = car / work / truck / cop example:http://gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/status/stat1.php?tmpid=189099&bg=car This is example for image in-game status bg=work: [BONUS] Show number of players on servers: http://api.gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/users/public/obs_tmp.html example:http://gamelab.cz/app/ets2mp/twitch/users/public/obs_tmp.html FEEL FREE TO USE IT! Thanks for the feedback ... [email protected]
  3. Парни, всем привет. Недавно начал делать приборку от авто для симулятора, практически закончил электрическую часть, сейчас занимаюсь программной. Будет ли Вам интересно наблюдать за процессом? Краткое видео прилагается) Видео тут
  4. Felipehonorato1


    YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/c/BrazilTruckClubBTC Acesse, não deixe de se inscrever e se tiver algum interesse em se tonar membro da empresa nos procure no : Teamspeak 3 : BTC.TS3GAMER.COM Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BrazilTruckClub

    Telemetry SDK

    Hi all, Long time fan of MP here, though first post of the forum! Basically I'll just cut to the chase, is the TSDK (Telemetry SDK) enabled on MP? I'm assuming not as I've made a dash with an arduino and it runs perfect on single player, then when I jump on MP it doesn't work. When I load the game I get the SDK acknowledgement box thing where I press OK, but once the game loads the arduino doesn't receive anything. Thanks in advance, E P.S TSDK isn't an offical shortening, I'm just too lazy to type it all the time.