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Found 2 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Option to increase the visible spawn distance of other trucks. Suggestion Description: Many times when I'm driving, I feel like my immersion is broken when I see a truck appear out of nowhere in the oncoming lane. I think the visible range for spawning in trucks should be much longer, so that you can see other trucks from further away and at max, rarely see the actual spawn of a truck. It would need to be optional and/or adjustable so that people can choose a setting for their preferred experience and computer system. Any example images: Not needed. Why should it be added?: Not only will it improve safety, but it will improve the driving experience and also add the option of increased realism when driving without using the GPS markers. I'm a realism geek, so I like to turn the GPS markers off. However, with the current spawn distance, I often see that a long stretch of road seems perfectly clear, but then as I start to overtake someone, a truck in the oncoming lane spawns up too close to safely overtake even though it looked clear a few seconds ago. Of course, you can use the map markers to see when the road will be clear, but I think that's a boring cheat to be honest. Don't get me wrong, people can use it as much as they want, but it should still be possible to drive safely should you choose to drive without it.
  2. Hey guys, i am currently trying to play Truckers MP with a friend but he only got the boxed version, is it even possible? Help asap would b appreciated! thx Trap
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