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Found 6 results

  1. In ETS2 i can use my Thrustmaster T80, but in TruckersMP not. TruckersMP detect my Thrustmaster t80, but i cant assign controls. What can i do to let it work? Before the update, it worked fine.
  2. GuRgEnA

    steering wheel

    I need advice. I am going to buy steering wheel. which is the best that moving only 180° or 270°?
  3. Hello Truckers! I have problem with my steering wheel. I buy TRACER Drifter it was 270 degrees. And i can't setup this in ETS2... Can you send down below your setting for this or maybe commands on setup 270 degrees steering wheel in ETS2 or can remove the view of steering wheel. Please help me. .
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to Truckers MP, been playing 18 wheels of steel for the past few years, and ATS since it launched. For years I've been using my old trusty Nitro Racing wheel (XBOX360/PC) and its becoming dated. I'm in the market for a new wheel, maybe a clutch and shift setup. I have a feeling a lot of you out there are using many diffrent types of wheels and have great pros and cons of good and bad wheels. Lend me an ear with your real world suggestions drivers!!!
  5. Kruumol


    Hello, I have a "Trustmaster T150 RS" Steeringwheel. I configured it to 900 rotation radius. If i startup my TruckersMP and i start driving its perfect! BUT If i am like at a half of my rotation it just rotates automaticly to the end, INGAME not my steeringwheel. How do i fix this? It is irritating sometimes when i need to make a Uturn or something. -Tim

    G29 vs G920

    Hey guys! So, I will be buying either the G29 or the G290 this week. But, I'm just not sure.. what is the best buy for ETS2/ATS? I need help pls!
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