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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new on TruckerMP, so I hope I'm not going against any rules concerning the topic and/or how to use the forum. Said so, here comes my question for you. I consider myself a veteran of ETS2, since I started playing many many years ago. As many of you I use a steering wheel (Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro) which unfortunately is only a 270° steering wheel, and if offline with a MOD I was able to make it working perfectly, now on the Multiplayer playing mode, I have problems maintaining a straight line because of too much sensibility. Of course I tried to solve it, using the game setting, but the situation remain very unpleasant. Does any of you have my problem or similar, and can help me out solving this issue? Do I have to download a specific MOD allowed to be used on MP? Thank You in advance. UmBiker
  2. I got the Thrustmaster TMX and it’s great. I have been fiddling with the settings. I was wondering what people use for settings to make it feel more realistic or best performance. Pics of setting would be good to see. I know it’s all preference but this would be a good place to start trying things.
  3. Hi guys! I got a Problem with the G920 Steering wheel since the last Logitech Gaming Software Update. I also got a Firmware Update for the G920. So I wanted to drive with the steering wheel but the Gas Pedal and the Brake Pedal were buggy. Normaly if you press the Gas pedal 25%, the Vehicle accelerates 25%. At the Controller settings (ingame) you see at the axis stettings the orange controll line. But now the problem. No matter how strong or weak I use the pedal, it is always used in the game to 100 percent. Like a key on the keyboard. Either 100% or 0%. Strangely, the clutch works perfectly. Just as the brake and the gas previously worked well. I've already reinstalled the Logitech software several times and older versions of it as well. Do you have any idea how to solve it?
  4. hello I have a problem with my steering wheel and it is that in the game it is not centered and mm is a bit annoying when I take some curves ... does anyone know how to centralize the steering wheel? the steering wheel has 270 ° of rotation, and is a dynacom steering wheel
  5. sorry if I write somthing wrong I'm from Poland. I'm playing with a steering wheel and when i open the game it crashes the whole game. I tried to reinstall Euro truck simulator and TruckersMp it dident work can sombody help me.
  6. can somebody help me want to play truckersmp with my steering wheel but when i launch trackersmp it crashes. I tried to reinstall euro track simulator 2 it diden't work i tried reinstall truckers it diden't work please help me i want to play with my friends.
  7. Hey guys, I just got this Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition wheel the other day and its not one of those amazing force feedback wheels with the whole rotation feature but only turns 180 degrees. Does anyone else have this type of steering wheel radius and knows what they think is the best set up for sensitivity and steering non-linearity. If you could post any photo examples of your sliders please do ***EDIT*** Link to the wheel if anyone is curious: http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/ferrari-racing-wheel-red-legend-edition
  8. Witam! Mam do Was ważną dla mnie sprawę. Otóż użytkuję od prawie roku nową kierownicę Logitech G27, jedynie do gry ETS2. Nigdy nie miałem z nią problemów aż do teraz. Nagle pewnego razu gdy podłączyłem kierę do komputera w trakcie kalibracji zielona dioda nad lewarkiem zaczęła migać, a kalibracja przerywała się w trakcie. Gdy wchodzę do gry mam teraz do dyspozycji opcję sterowania "klawiatura+Logitech G27" (gdy wcześniej miałem tylko G27.) W wyniku tego nie działa sprzęgło i lewarek. Wszystkie kable są podłączone. Co może być tego przyczyną? Z góry bardzo dziękuję. Jest to dla mnie ważne, gdyż chcę niedługo ją sprzedać w działającym stanie.
  9. I bought an ACME RS steering wheel last summer, and I haven't played multiplayer since then. But now I wanted to play with my friends, and when I set my steering wheel in the game it crashes. client_19_03_2016.log last_crash.log game.log.txt
  10. Hi, I have a problem with my steering wheel (Logitech G27), in single player of ETS2 the degree 780, while in multiplayer they are only 180. Does anyone have a solution about this problem?
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