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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I would love to hear your thoughts about a new speed limit for cars. Since the 1.37 appeared the handling of cars is much better, than before and you can drive higher speed's without any problems. If I'm driving with my friends in some trucks, I like to drive realistic truck speeds, cause the game focuses on realism. But if I try to get fast to my destination, with a car, on the Autobahn, it's pretty annoying, to drive with just 110 km/h,which is a pretty unrealistic speed on the Autobahn. So I would love to see a new speed limit for cars, that would allow us to drive speeds like 180-200 km/h... Drive safe guys!
  2. Well, Hello Again my last post was i Little hard to understand, and sorry for that :3 Hello, every time I play Europe 2 (no speed limiting server), I can under no circumstances reach over 90 kilometers per hour and even though I'm driving normal jobs (not world of truck contracts) but every time I'm driving with the limiter off it will turn on automatically after i have closed the settings. What happens is that I drive at full revolutions and cant switch gear in automatic or manual mode. I have tried the trick to go into the confiq files but it still not work at all and it happens on all servers. and it should be said that I have turned off the limiter both in the tab menu and in the ets game settings. ps i drive in my own vehicles. Scout extra_D and Mercedes New actros and its all happened after the ¨new updates and menus designs¨ and its pretty hard to play with theese problems and i have looked at youtube and Google and now i cant find any solution
  3. Hi guys, i have a problem. I turned off in TruckersMP options the speed limit, in game options it's off too, but still i can drive online max 90km/h. When i play offline, i can drive so fast as i will, can somebody help me? PS. English is not my first language so sorry for grammar, and yes, i looked for the ansewer, but i didn't find it.
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