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Found 2 results

  1. Driving along the C-D road is a nightmare, people don't seem to know the simple rules of the road. I've been in multiple accidents due to another player doing something really moronic and would not happen elsewhere. I'd like to start with the speeding, its not a big issue, but when a truck/car comes up on me rear at near 140km/h I think thats over the top for the road limit. Which brings me to overtaking, I don't think anyone knows how to correctly overtake. When I would be driving on the road a truck would come up on me at 100km/h or more and I would speed up so they would not have to overtake me, but thats never the case, they tailgate me as we speed up to dangerous 110km/h speeds and after reaching dangerous speeds I STILL get overtaken. Overtaking should happen when a truck is traveling too slow, not 120km/h! Another issue is checking how far, you are supposed to check if you are at least 100M in front of the truck before coming back in. That isn't the case most of the time and it ends up with either the car/truck or the trailer running me off the road. This brings me back to speed, where on certain corners people will hit them at over 100km/h and go straight into oncoming traffic either flipping over or crashing into another truck going the other way. I hope to hear any of your stories about the worse things on the C-D road.
  2. So I've been playing MP for a while now and I never actually got a speeding ticket although I don't always respect the speeding limit. Is it supposed to be this way? Thanks!
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