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Found 11 results

  1. willians1002

    Truckers MP Road Code

    Suggestion Name: Truckers MP Road Code Suggestion Description: Adding the European Road Code (ERC) which all players must follow. Any example images: None. Why should it be added?: 1. Europe has universal road rules, this means, the traffic signs, road marks, road rules, etc... are the same across Europe. 2. Having a similar code in ETS2 servers can help players to get knowledge about the road rules and also help Game Moderators to easily detect who was the blame in Web and Game reports. 3. This Road Code can also include indications to the Game Moderators how to effectively manage the traffic in congested junctions and in this case also indicates the players how to act in such traffic control by Game Moderators. 4. If this idea gets approved I will write the entire Truckers MP Road Code to then be reviewed by the Game Managers and make all the necessary adjustments until we have a final code.
  2. Not looking at the amount of traffic, but looking at how the road looks, which road do you think looks the worst?

    Yolun Götürdüğü Yere

    Merhaba arkadaşlar. Scania, Volvo tırlarımın bazen dikkate değer güzellikteki manzaralarla birleşiyor. Burada onları sizlerin beğenisine sunacağım.
  4. AviationToTheMaxHD

    What is Your Favorite Road?

    Hello fellow Truckers! I think most of you who own games like ETS2 & ATS2 to because you can travel and uncover new locations, So my question to you is: Which road do you like to drive on the most and why? Myself I like the A4 between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I can still remember as a kid when driving that route many times and then passing Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Which is actually pretty decent In-Game) I this route is quite short in- game but it also sums up how the road in real life feels with the aqua- & ecoducts and the tunnels. So what is your favorite road?
  5. Mika L.

    Conducting the traffic?

    There's a lot of in-game discussion between players at the roadworks on the Oslo-Bergen road, in terms of if normal players are allowed to conduct the traffic as admins are. There's some players who thinks that they can conduct the traffic when there's no visible admin there to block the traffic. But personally, I don't think we are, since we have to follow the rules, which includes blocking. I mean, if the trucks you're blocking want's to get passed you, they can. They simply gonna overtake. Only if it's an admin, there's a 100% chance of they ain't getting away with overtaking the admin, but if it's a player, they simply overtakes. Since some people overtake, because it's a normal player, conducting the traffic, should we be allowed to conduct the traffic anyways, or is it banreason if you're blocking one lane, trying to hold back the players while the others overtakes? What do you think? Are we allowed or not? Should we be allowed or not?
  6. Texas Transports LLC

    passing another player

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting. I am making this because of what I have had to deal with lately on American Truck SImulator Multiplayer. When you are driving in a truck or a pilot car before you are attempting a pass on a two lane road please beware of the traffic around you. If you are currently in an attempt to pass another vehicle and you see another vehicle coming please either move back behind the vehicle that you are trying to pass or move off the roadway to allow the incoming vehicle to continue on. I had an accident earlier today because a driver was trying to pass another truck and well i was in my car. The end result was not good for all three of us. use common sense when on the roadway on this game. Yes it is a game but at the same time there are rules that needed to be followed and obeyed by
  7. Turbo The Sergal

    Dashboard/Road/textures/etc. mods

    Is it allowed to have a Dashboard skin? (example: a dashboard High quality skin) Is it allowed to have Road skins? (example: yellow lines instead of white) AM i even allowed to have any texture mods?
  8. HeavyTrucker992

    Road work lights

    Suggestion Name: Road work lights synchronization Suggestion Description: I think the road work light should be synchronized. I had a few situations when me and another player on the other site of the road work had green light Any example images: Maybe this video on 4:40. Why should it be added?: I had a situation when me and another player on the other site of the road work had green light.
  9. Wolus

    Wieści o Road Train

    Witam, jakis czas temu mwl4 na swoim kanale youtube dodał 2 nowe ciekawe filmiki stąd moje pytanie: 1.Czy planujecie w najbliższym czasie dodanie Double Trailers do MP ?? 2. Jeśli nie, To prosze o wydanie moda dla singla ... A tutaj załączam nowe filmiki mwl4:
  10. Traian

    Job Bug&Road Bug

    First. I have loaded a job at Eurogoodies and my trailer look like this: 2. How the hack is this possible?
  11. I was wondering where can I be AFK at when I'm on the motorway/highway I usually see people getting kicked for being AFK on the road does that mean they are basically AFK In a lane? I was wondering do you still get kicked or will an admin kick you if you are AFK on the road but pulled over off the lanes or on the side of a road and be AFK there or do I need to be in a gas station or rest station?