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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Today I present you with a picture showing you thickness measurement requirements for clamping a Logitech G29 steering wheel to a desk. The picture includes explanations and illustrations to aid your understand. In the example, I own a Ikea Bekant 140x60cm desk. Click on the image below to enlarge
  2. My suggestion is that to complement these latest changes and that really serve and have a good simulation experience is that requirements are added to play the MP especially in the simulation server, some of these requirements could be like a minimum of hours : for example 100 hours, this if we put it to think is not much, it is only 4 days and 4 hours, this can be done by anyone in a short time, for example: taking into account that most of those who play ETS2MP and ATSMP seriously they are already older and they work, if for example they played 20 hours each weekend in 1 month and 1 week they could enter to play the multiplayer, even if they did not play 20 HOURS! in 2 days, they could play only 10 hours and it would take twice as long to gain access to the MP, with this measure we could almost eliminate the trolls players who only dedicate themselves to damaging the experience of those who are really going to play, I do not think that someone is going to play 100 hours (example) just to enter a few hours to multiplayer just to bother, this measure would only be applicable to the simulation servers since they are the most serious and for those who would be preparing to play well in the multiplayer have at least access to the arcade to get an idea of how to play multiplayer, and this time at the same time serve as "training" so that when they enter the MP are better players and do not disturb so much to the simulation servers. I hope that this suggestion will serve the whole community and take it into account to improve each day more this fabulous game that we love so much. ____________ Dewinn12
  3. Hello, This post is to address a recent problem that has come to many people attention. Event Server requirements and rules for event servers. Recently these were changed, for what reason? So far the only explanation i can come across is to make it more difficult to get the event server, which in my eyes is fine. Many people were getting the event server, so by making it harder only the bigger events would need it. I have no problems with the requirements being changed but the rules for the event server.... no, they shouldn't have been change. Link for new event server rules and forum post requirements: Now why does this all matter? Well... by changing these rules can make organising and planning events a little more awkward. Now some of you may say "So what, why does it matter". The rules we had before were fine, everything worked and we felt as if we had the support for the event. Where as now it seems as if we are being pushed to stop holding such events. Police car privileges being removed, ok.... ye thats fine we can work around that. However, one rule has supposedly been changed but without any post or announcement whatsoever. Event staff blocking roads to manage the convoy. This is a extremely useful rule to have as it stops the convoy going the wrong way, splitting in half, whatever you want to call it. It makes everything a lot easier to run. Here is a game manager saying that event staff cannot block roads as well as saying that this has been a rule for a while. http://prntscr.com/iy4sxv Here is my event server request temp rules just weeks before. (The rules change would fit in this timeline) http://prntscr.com/iy4tu0 I sent these screenshots to help out another event management staff for an upcoming event to prove that this rule was not enforced in this timeline (As it isn't a rule whatsoever) In response to them sending these screenshots they got this in reply. https://prnt.sc/ixudxy And edited temp rule form/ note. Whatever you want to call it. As you can see they aren't the same rules. As you can see in the second screenshot blocking roads wasn't a problem, so why is it now? How this all looks to me. To me this looks like TMP are trying to stop events that require event servers. They say they want to interact with the community Quote " We believe that interacting with our community and showcasing what our community can do and say is a great thing!" End quote This is where they said it: https://prnt.sc/iy3nl0 So why are you making things harder and harder for people like me and other event founders/ organisers to do these events that interact with your community. It now seems as if you only what the "Official" TruckersMP events to be run. By getting rid of our events does it make your better? Even more popular? It certainly starting to look like that's what you are doing. This is all i have to say about this. I apologise that this had to be done, but via private messages to TMP staff it really doesn't seem as if anything is being sorted. I hope that this post reaches the right people as well as the community to get this sorted. (If this post is to be deleted it just shows that nothing will change)
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